THIS WEEK 50% OFF! + FREE Shipping
THIS WEEK 50% OFF! + FREE Shipping


PETGOOODS™ is an authorized retailer for Premium Pet Products. We have fulfillment centers in Europe and North America allowing us to give proper shipping times to everyone. By having low overhead costs we are able to give you a premium product at a low price. Instead of having retail store that only operates on certain hours & also costs thousands of dollars to open doors, we decided to go online only. 



By going online-only, we lower our costs which give us better margins which further allow us to give you better deals. It also charges you less for pet products. Our office is located in Ottawa Ontario which is the capital city of Canada. The fact that we are an E-commerce business; we can pretty much work or employ anyone. 



PETGOOODS™ was founded in May of 2019. Being in business for over a year now, we are focusing strictly on pet products and specializing in pet feeding products. We also work closely with vets to understand how pets love to eat. We do research on importance of eating and what it can do to affect the health of our pets. 



As pet specialists, we are always excited to innovate this space and grow our business online. Our goal is to be your trusted pet store online.